With nothing but scattered torchlight and a hefty punch, a lost soul must find his way through the depths of a cavernous maze in search of 4 unique abilities that will grant him his escape. Take control and navigate the twisting puzzles of Concatenate, an adventurous 2D plat-former.

Concatenate is a small pixelated platformer developed by a group of WANIC students for a 3 week project. In our game, you must go through physical puzzles to find 4 statues that will give you the ability to double jump, crouch, wall climb, and illuminate pathways. Finding each statue will allow you to exit the level and complete the game.

-Walking: Left and Right Arrow Keys
-Jumping: Up arrow, spacebar, or 'Z'. -Pressing one of these buttons twice will allow you to double jump.
-Crouching: Down Arrow
-Wall Climbing: When against a wall, hold the Left Shift to latch on, then use the Up and Down arrow keys to climb.

Published 24 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity


ConcatanateEXE (v1.4).zip 29 MB